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How to Prep for One Night Stand

by Beth Divine 11 Jan 2019
As discussed elsewhere in this blog, a one night stand can be just the ticket to restore your good mood and relieve sexual tension. But how does one go about having a one night stand? Do you just go out and pick someone or is it something that you deliberately plan for? We think it is the latter, and that if you are prepared for a good time, you will have a better time than you otherwise might! Here’s why:
Condoms are not always readily available, and having a one night stand is highly unadvisable without them. Nothing kills the spontaneity and fun of a naughty moment when you have to travel from place to place, looking for something to keep you both safe before you can get down to business! You can prevent this, whether you are male or female, by carrying a small stock of prophylactics around with you, ready to be used when the moment is right.

If you are not sure if you can trust your new partner to put the condom on properly, you can make it part of the foreplay, ensuring that everything is safe and snug before you let play commence – and once you are sure that you are both protected, you can enjoy yourself that little more, knowing that you have taken steps to prevent any possible unwanted repercussions.

Have your phone with you, and make sure it has enough charge to last for a few hours and give you enough battery power to, firstly, use the GPS to pinpoint your location, especially if you came to your partner’s place, and secondly, to call a taxi or use an app to summon a ride back home. A charged phone can also help you to feel more in control: knowing that you can summon help in minutes should you need to can make you feel safer – although, of course, it is best if such a need is never fulfilled!

Whenever possible, let people know where you are. You don’t need to be explicit about what you are doing, but given a choice between no one knowing where you are and you taking a little teasing for getting your itch scratched, always opt for the safer option. 

Finally, choose your sexual partner with some common sense! Don’t choose the biggest, baddest guy (or gal) in the room because you think they’ll be more exciting – a one night stand is exciting no matter who you sleep with, and getting entangled with gang members or serious villains is likely to be more excitement than anyone needs in their life! Pick someone who looks sexy, by all means, but also go for friendliness, kindness and genuine sexual attraction – that way, you’ll both have a great time!