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Oral Sex: the Benefits

by Beth Divine 14 Jan 2019

Oral sex is the practise of stimulating your partner’s sexual organs with the mouth, and often with the hands at the same time. While sex is arguably meant to be for reproduction, the furthering of the species and ensuring the continuation of your own genes, does oral sex serve any purpose?

Well, yes it does. It does not (obviously!) lead to propagation of the species, but it has a number of other benefits that can help in a number of other ways:

It Ensures Orgasm: While orgasm is not actually necessary to enjoy satisfactory sex, most people agree that the most satisfactory sex is made so by a mind-blowing orgasm. Because oral involves using the tongue and the fingers to stimulate your partner’s genitals, you are able to more precisely focus on the most sensitive areas, such as the glans and clitoris respectively. Having these areas enjoy the most attention is a good way to bring your partner to orgasm, and to enjoy good quality, very satisfactory sex.

It Lowers Blood Pressure: Sexual release is a literal release, introducing feel good hormones into the body. These hormones: oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, are all known as ‘feel good’ hormones and they are responsible for happiness, relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore having an orgasm makes you feel happy, relaxes you and relieves tensions and stresses. After an orgasm, you may find that it is easier to make decisions, and that you can cope better with life’s problems. Not bad for a little oral action!

Oral Increases Intimacy: You and your partner get up close and personal with each other, and if this intimacy demonstrates affection despite the up-close familiarity it can increase feelings of love, affection and even infatuation with your partner. Being pleased by your partner and brought to orgasm makes you both feel closer to the other, making oral a great way to cement the relationship.

A final reason for indulging in a little oral, is that you learn how to please your partner. Working on such an intimate part of their body will teach you their likes, their dislikes and will teach you their innermost secrets – the places that crave being touched (and those that don’t) along with their personal erogenous zones.