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Five Women Driving the Female Sexual Revolution: Camilla Mason (performance artist)

by Beth Divine 23 Feb 2019

There are not many people who could say ‘Come and see inside my vagina, it’s lovely and cosy!’ and actually mean it, but Camilla Mason is one such person who can, and does! Mason is an artist who has created an anatomically correct vulva in which visitors are invited to sit for a while. The installation was at the Northampton Shambala Music Festival, and visitors to the Lady Garden, as it is called, were also invited to try and find a gigantic glittery clitoris called the – wait for it – Glitoris.

The Glitoris was hanging in trees near the vulva cave, which holds six people, and it was covered in glitter. Unfortunately, not all the visitors could find it, which only added to Mason’s stated aim of raising awareness of female sexual satisfaction which, in most cases, depends quite a bit on a partner knowing where and how to find the clitoris!

Mason created the pieces to bring women’s genitals into the public mind and eye. This is important because women’s genitalia is often only ever displayed in conjunction with being see as the property of men, or as belonging to depraved or perverse women – which leaves the female population wondering why their bodies are the subject of such simultaneous scrutiny and secrecy, and how it came to be that men get to say more about it than the women, the actual owners of the bodies under discussion.

Even in the relatively short time the exhibition has been open, Mason has seen a see change: at first, young teenage boys and men would snigger and make disparaging comments. All too often, they would be unchallenged. Over time, however, girls and women began to speak up, telling them to be quiet and pay attention, or to show some respect both for the art and its message.

Mason hopes that by continuing her message, continuing her exhibitions of the vulva cave and its accompanying Glitoris, the world will become a more respectful, understanding and tolerant place in which to live. For men and women alike.