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Should men be ashamed of having sex toys? Sex dolls

by Beth Divine 25 Feb 2019

If you were to ask this question even up to just a few years ago, the answer would have been a clear and unequivocal ‘yes’. Because early sex dolls were awful: crude female facsimiles with a bunch of vaguely anatomical holes into which a man could hump, basically masturbating himself to orgasm against the unyielding fabric, plastic, latex or rubber.

The very first sex dolls were invented, it is said, by French sailors who shaped and sewed bundles of rags into vaguely female shapes. So popular did these crude toys become that the term still exists in Japanese for a sex doll: Dutch wife. This is because sailors from the Netherlands, exploring the Orient, sold some of their sex dolls to Japanese merchants, the latter of whom coined the phrase.

Over time, the dolls became slightly more realistic, but still featured crude and unyielding orifices and awkward rigid poses – not the most attractive of sexual partners! With latex, came a more malleable doll, but these blow-up replica females were still very unrealistic, with their wide open mouths, ready for whatever might be pushed into them, and unromantic apertures between their legs too. Being made of relatively thin latex, these dolls could burst or leak air at – um – inconvenient moments, and anecdotes about such happenings – sometimes teamed with cruel stories about the ‘nerdy guy’ who treated his sex doll as though it was a real person – made sex dolls into a humiliation accessory more than a bona fide male sex toy.

It is only in very recent years that silicon moulding has perfected the art of very realistic looking and feeling sex dolls, the best of which come with fully articulated joints and limbs. These dolls can be posed, dressed, and played with, creating a sensation of reality entirely lacking in earlier models.

Sex dolls are now fairly mainstream and nothing really to be ashamed of, although there is a lingering stigma as to why the man does not get a ‘real woman’ instead. Future sex dolls may come with complex robotics, and empathic AI, which will make them even more realistic, and possibly even difficult to distinguish from a genuine female partner… What the world’s opinion of sex dolls will be then, only time will tell us.