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Should men be ashamed of having sex toys? Fleshlights and buttplugs

by Beth Divine 25 Feb 2019

Almost every free-thinking, independent woman has a sex toy – sometimes a whole shelf or drawer full of them, and no one raises an eyebrow about it. Certainly, no one accuses her of not being able to have ‘real’ sex with a flesh and blood partner – but if you are a man, this is most certainly not the case.

Men who ‘need’ sex toys, people seem to think, can’t get a woman to show any interest in them. Men who need sex toys, these people believe, are sad and inadequate and do not know how to talk to other people, so they stay at home and masturbate, usually while fantasizing about girls that are way out of their league…

Of course, this is the furthest from the truth. Men who use sex toys regularly are, in fact, more likely to be experienced lovers, gentle and sensitive when they need to be, but knowing exactly when, where and how to increase the sensations so that they and their partners have a great time. This is because if you spend time learning how your body responds to different touches, you are more likely to develop an understanding of how to recreate those pleasurable sensations in your partner’s body.

Male sex toys no longer have to be large or bulky, and thus have lost most of their embarrassing qualities. Fleshlights – so-called because they look like flashlights – are hollow tubes with shaped insides and orifices with which a man can masturbate. They are not much bigger than a vibrator, and can easily be hidden from public view under a pillow or in a sock drawer. Fleshlights come with a variety of interchangeable apertures, usually to simulate anal, oral, and vaginal penetration, to make solo play time a bit of fun. Butt-plugs, too, can be discreetly tucked away until needed, and can help to make a male orgasm even more powerful as they massage the prostate – something that has been called ‘the male g-spot’.

So if you are a man who longs to invest in a few toys to make playtime a bit more exciting, whether it is solo or with your partner, go for it: life is too short to regret not doing things that might make you very happy!