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Should men be ashamed of having sex toys?

by Beth Divine 1 Mar 2019

Are you one of those people who think that sex toys are only for women? If so, you might find that it is time to change your stuffy thinking and embrace a new and adventurous side of yourself!

Male sex toys are a growing industry as more men find new and exciting ways to stimulate themselves. These include penetrative toys such as penile sounds, and butt plugs, toys that can be penetrated such as sex dolls and fleshlights, and also toys that fall under the heading of restrictors.

As the name implies, these toys work by constraining the male genitalia. They include ball cuffs, cock and ball rings and a host of other cage-like devices into which the male parts are inserted before it is tightened.

With any toys that restrain blood flow, great care must be taken not to strangle the organ and cut off the blood supply completely. Not only will the penis suffer pain from this, it can actually cause sepsis or tissue damage. Likewise, any restrictor should only be worn for a strictly limited time.

You may wonder why anyone would want to constraint or restrict their penis – talk about free willy! – but there are some reasons that men do enjoy the look and sensation. Firstly, a constrained penis feels much bigger, which can be an ego boost for any man. Secondly, having the flow of blood restricted can cause swelling which obviously makes the penis even larger when erect. This can also mean that the man takes longer to reach orgasm, and that his orgasm is enhanced because of the greater build up of anticipation and the longer time taken over achieving climax.

Another reason that people like restrictors is because of the way they make the penis look. They push the penis out, making it hang or stand more proudly, and they also deepen the colour of the penis, making it a more attractive red colour, an appearance which some men prefer.