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Successful women – sexy or scary? Sexy!

by Beth Divine 3 Mar 2019

A certain breed of men (these days usually older, mostly straight, predominantly from traditionally patriarchal societies) believe that women are ‘naturally’ submissive and that they should always defer to the man in the room – no matter who the man is, how old or bright or caring he is. Any man is automatically ‘better’ in his mind, than any woman.

Anyone who lives in the modern world in which bright, beautiful, confident women are high-achievers, paying their own way and forging their own paths, will be aware that this viewpoint is not only dangerously outdated, it is – and always has been! – completely wrong.

Modern men, more assured in their own sexuality and able to admit to weaknesses, fears and flaws in a way that their fathers and grandfathers were not permitted to, tend to admire strong women. Some modern couples have inverted the traditional roles of ‘man working hard, women running the house and looking after the babies. Obviously, the women still have to have the babies, but the rise of the stay at home dad has proven to be a very successful experiment and is one that seems to be expanding.

All of this male domesticity leaves women free to expand their horizons: set up companies, run law firms, buy and sell properties. Women today have much less holding them back than ever before (which is not to say that there is no longer any need for feminism – just because some women in select societies have achieved parity (or the appearance of parity) with men does not mean that abuses are not still taking place on other levels of society and in other places) and this has seen the rise of the powerful woman.

Some men are still very intimidated by a woman who earns more than him, has a higher career status than him and who might be said to be the ‘boss’ of any relationship. But there is no need to be scared of powerful women. While they might seem like ball-breakers in the boardroom, there is no reason to assume that they will be the same in the bedroom. But even if they do maintain the power dynamic, this might not be a bad thing. Why not lie back and let her have her wicked way with you? You never know, you might really like it!