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Switch Life

by Beth Divine 11 Mar 2019

Submissives and dominants seem to be fixed: how can someone who likes giving all control over to their partner suddenly change places and be the one wielding the power in the situation? Well, for some people, it is quite easy!

These people are called switches – because of their ability to easily switch roles – and they can enjoy playing on either side of the sub dom divide. This can be with a regular partner who is open to switching themselves, or you might behave differently depending on the partner you are with at the time.

For example, some submissives might have a strongly dominant partner who is happy and fulfilled in with their dominant status. These partners might be very upset with the idea of letting their submissive partner take a dominant position in a session, even if it is just temporary. However, other doms might be content to let their submissive partners try out a role switch, being content to take a submissive role for a change.

Switches, therefore, can have a number of partners, and they are often more prepared to experiment with bisexual sessions too – they tend to be freer with their bodies and more prone to experimentation than pure subs or pure doms, both of whom tend to be more rigid with their desires and their relationships.

Being in a relationship with a switch can be exciting and exhilarating, and it can give a person a whole new range of ideas about what they like and do not like sexually. This can help when one wants to explore the full gamut of sexual experience in a safe and secure way – switches will be very aware of all the ways that play can go wrong as well as all the ways that it can be made deliciously titillating! There is probably no better way to ease into BDSM than with a switch talking and walking you through the process!