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Some Fun Facts about Sex: The male G-spot

by Beth Divine 12 Mar 2019

It is traditionally believed that women are the only ones to have a G-spot, that women do not think about sex – or if they do, it is prefaced by ‘ew!’ and that simultaneous orgasms can be achieved by everyone with just a little bit of effort. The truth is far stranger than erotic fiction would allow.

Men, in fact do have an equivalent of the G-spot. For anyone wanting to give their man a bit of extra stimulation, the best and easiest way to source this nub of pleasure is to thoroughly lube up your finger and then stick said finger up his bottom! The man’s prostate lies in just such a position and having the prostate massaged in this manner is intensely pleasurable for him.

A couple of disclaimers: do not suddenly thrust your finger into his nether portion without warning or lube: this can be exceedingly painful and he can clench up, causing pain to your finger too – although this is unlikely to register compared to his surprise and potentially even fright! Let him know what you are going to do, and work towards it. You could perhaps simply rub your fingers over his anus at first, making it part of a general massage of the whole bottom area.

Talk to him about prostate massage and let him know how it is achieved. It may well be that simply hearing about it is enough to turn him on and make him ready to try it out, in which case ensure you have a viscous enough lube to allow you access without any catching or tearing of his delicate skin.

The lube needed is one designed for anal play. These tend to be thicker in composition than vaginal lubes, which is needed as the anus does not have any natural sexual lubrication, as the vagina does.

Once you have practised a bit with touching his anus and perianal regions, you can begin to slide your finger inside him. The aim is to fully insert one finger and massage the area in a circular motion until he loses his mind with the intensity of his orgasm.