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Vibrating Panties: Fun for All!

by Beth Divine 31 Mar 2019

Vibrating panties are something of a misnomer – the panties do not actually vibrate, that is down to the toy that is popped inside the underwear! Having said that, purchasing ‘vibrating panties’ usually includes a ‘one size fits all’ pair of underwear with tie sides for exact adjustment. The knickers usually have a small pocket in the gusset area, into which the toy – usually a small bullet vibrator – fits snugly.

The vibrator is controlled by a remote control, which means that there is no awkward groping and fiddling about with a hand in your pants! However, the real beauty of the remote means that once you have the bullet and the panties in place you can pleasure yourself no matter where you are!

These little toys are usually very quiet, and their placement under layers of clothing helps to keep things discreet – and some users actually enjoy stimulating themselves in public, while out and about at a restaurant, nightclub or other venue. This little device helps those who have a fetish for public satisfaction to achieve their desires without getting into trouble by breaching any public nudity or obscenity laws.

But you must not think that it is only ladies who benefit from these silky treasures – male partners (or even non-knicker-wearing female partners!) can enjoy the vibrating panties too! All you need to do is have the non-wearing partner control the vibe. Many of them work on Bluetooth, so you need to be fairly close to one another, such as in the same room, but there are also model that come with apps. These apps are a godsend to those who are in long distance relationships or where one partner travels a lot.

You can either pre-arrange a time to play, while out in public, or the wearer partner can allow the partner in control of the remote to surprise them by firing up the toy whenever they want to. While some vibrating panties offer enough power to bring her fully to orgasm, it is a wonderful foreplay tool too – tease and titillate your partner while you are out and about, until she is ready to scream for more, then whisk her off home (or park up somewhere private!) and – ahem – finish what you have started!