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All-in-One Sex Toys

by Beth Divine 2 Apr 2019

It can be hard to decide what you want from a sex toy – there are so many exciting zones that require attention and stimulation. Do you want to get up to butt stuff? You will need a butt plug for that, vibrating or otherwise. Does the lady in your life adore clitoral stimulation? A clitoral toy is needed here – clitoral toys are designed specifically for that sensitive part of the body. ‘Normal’ vibrators will offer too much stimulation and can end up forcing an over-fast orgasm and possibly even causing damage to the nerves. This damage will usually recover with time and abstinence, but it is far better not to risk it… Clitoral toys are more gentle, designed to stimulate the tender nerve endings without doing any harm.

Some clitoral toys look a bit like tongues, and they work in a way similar to oral sex, reproducing a licking or gentle sucking motion that works beautifully to tease and please the clitoris without damaging or numbing it. Others are like small vibrators, designed to be used externally by being pressed against the clitoris. These are usually called ‘bullets’ or lipstick vibrators as that is an accurate depiction of the size of the toy.

Butt plugs, as mentioned above can be plain dildos, or they can vibrate. Sometimes you can find a dildo type butt plug that has an aperture inside it into which a bullet can be placed to transform it into a vibrating toy for greater bedtime fun. One important aspect of an anal toy is the wide flaring base of the toy. This prevents the toy going too far into your body and getting ‘lost’ inside. Of course, it will not get lost, but it can travel far into the body, beyond your reach and may ultimately need medical intervention to retrieve it. If the toy doesn’t have a flared base – or, at least a handle or tether of some kind for easy retrieval – it really should not go anywhere near anyone’s bottom.

And then, of course, there is the standard sex toy – the long shafted vibrator or penis-shaped toy that is used vaginally. While this is great fun, once you know about all the other toys out there, it seems to be a little bit lacking on the excitement side.

Instead of buying a lot of different toys, why not opt for one that does everything? It is now possible to find a vibe that pleasures the clitoris, the deep-seated G-Spot and the anus all in one – and it is possible to use them in a multiplicity of ways. While a woman can enjoy all three stimuli at once, she can also share her toy, using it on his balls and perianal area, or even as an anal toy for him too. Three in one sex toys are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes, and many of them are customisable so you can both ensure that the right spots are stimulated in just the way that blows your mind.