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VR News: VivePort Infinity

by Beth Divine 6 Apr 2019

Everyone knows what Netflix is, even if they don’t have a subscription to the service. Initially a video/ DVD lending service, Netflix was quick to make changes when the internet found broadband which enabled full length movies and entire television series to be downloaded and streamed in minutes (compared to the hours and even days that would have been the case during dial-up days!) The service now not only offers hundreds – thousands – of existing television series and serials,  and movies from Hollywood blockbusters to B-list straight to television offerings, but they also make their own shows, racking up enormous successes with anything and everything they make, it seems like, with series, movies, docudramas and full-on documentaries sweeping the world and pleasing consumers and critics alike.

VivePort Infinity aims to become something like Netflix, but for virtual reality content. Plans are for the service – which offers access to over six hundred apps, videos and films – to cost around a hundred US dollars a year, or thirteen or fourteen dollars a month. This is the expected cost when the service is officially offered on the 2nd of April 2019, but those who anticipate the service doing well can save pennies by signing up now for less, around nine dollars a month.

VivePort already exists. It is, at core, the app store for HTC’s Vive headset, and those who already have access will continue to be able to use the service. However, VivePort Infinity aims to add a lot more content, and to allow their subscribers to come from a much wider pool – those who use headsets manufactured by people other than HTC, in short.

As yet, the service cannot commit that users will be able to access all the content available once they have paid their subscription fee – some games’ companies refuse to allow free access to their games. Games’ have to be actively opted in to the VivePort Infinity database, at present, and there is always a measure of caution around new platforms and ways of offering content, but VivePort Infinity are confident that once some of the better games are signed up, then others will follow until the offering is comprehensive and more than enough for even the fussiest gamer.

As it stands, there are, as mentioned above, over six hundred pieces of content, which will take most users a fair amount of time to work through – and by the time they are ready for more, the platform should have a lot more available content. If you are still not convinced enough to put your money down, you can try VivePort Infinity free for one month.