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VR News: The Digisexual has Arrived!

by Beth Divine 10 Apr 2019

The sexual revolution may have begun fifty years ago, but it is far from over – not only has technology made huge strides in the last twenty to forty years, it has dragged sex along with it, even as ideas about sexuality, gender norms and desire have been updated and made more equitable.

This has led to the rise of the digisexual, a term that has dual meanings.

The first usage is one that most, if not all, of us are familiar with. Even if you have not used dating apps, Skype, or made use of sex-based apps, then you have probably heard of them or know someone who uses them. This can also now apply to people who use technology connected sex toys, in which partners can please each other using sex toys, either at a short distance via Bluetooth or via a data connection over longer distances – even half a world away! People who have used technology in their love lives in any way can be called digisexual to a certain point.

But there is another meaning to the word too. Digisexuals can also be those who have taken the human out of human connection, and who rely entirely on technology for sexual satisfaction. The ultimate for these people would be the perfect sex-bot.

The perfect sex bot will be one that looks human – and improbably beautiful – while having an artificial intelligence ‘brain’ to simulate human conversation and interaction. All without the programming ability to refuse any request, no matter how perverse or demeaning, which might be seen as worrisome – except for the fact that sex bots, no matter how sophisticated, are simple sex toys, tools to be used to achieve satisfaction, then to be cleaned and put away until next time…

One thing is clear: with the world seeming to fall apart into division and anger, with suspicion of others more and more prevalent throughout, soon it may seem that being a digisexual is the safest and best way to relieve one’s libido… Let us hope that it doesn’t come to that – while still embracing and enjoying the best that technology has to offer.