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by Beth Divine 12 Apr 2019

Bullet vibrators – perhaps more nicely known as lipstick vibrators – are this season’s must-have sex toy. They are about the size of a bullet – or a lipstick – and they are often easily disguised as make up or the type of clutter that is commonly found in the bottom of a handbag. This makes them very handy for ladies – or gents – to carry around for a little light relief while out and about during the day, or whilst travelling.

Bullet vibrators are small – about two to three inches long and not very wide, but they tend to offer a powerful vibe for their size. They tend to be quiet so they are ideal for privacy while other people are in the home or in another room from you. They come in a range of colours and shapes, ranging from lipstick replicas to ovoid ‘egg-ish’ shapes and from sleek chrome to black matt silicone to any number of bright and cheerful colours. They can take batteries, but the best of them are chargeable via USB which means that not only can most people keep their toy charged in outlets wherever they find themselves, but they can even use their laptop or PC to charge it up in an emergency!

A bullet vibrator can be used internally as a substitute for a regular vibrator, albeit a shorter one. The extra power these little toys put out can often more than make up for the lack of length and girth, making them very effective and very discreet little powerhouse toys. They can also be used externally as a clitoral stimulator – or even as a scrotal or perianal teaser on men. There is little that a bullet vibrator cannot make more fun and exciting – except maybe anal sex! Bullets are far too small and lack the wide flaring base that butt toys offer and thus, they can easily slip all the way inside and up the anal tract until they are beyond fingertip retrieval. (Should this happen, you should relax as much as possible, apply some more lube liberally, then squat over a towel or thick wad of paper towels and bear down as though trying to poop. This may be enough to encourage the toy to slide back out, but it is not guaranteed and nor is it sensible to rely on being able to do this regularly! If you cannot retrieve it this way, medical intervention may be necessary which is painful, embarrassing and not a fun way to spend a few hours…)

Another excellent use of a bullet is as an insert for normally non-electronic toys. Many dildos and butt plugs have apertures inside them and these spaces are made for popping a bullet in to transform your favourite static toy into a vibrating hub of pleasure!

Bullet vibes are super popular at the moment because they are quick and easy to use – press the button until the required vibration is reached then get to work! – and also because they are fairly cheap, costing only a few pounds, euros or dollars each. You can have as many bullets as you like, keeping them handy in places where you might have cause to use them – if you have any doubts, why not invest in one today and see how they work for you?