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Dolls for Women?

by Beth Divine 14 Apr 2019

With the advent of hyper realistic female sex dolls and the growing capability of artificial intelligence being applied to these dolls along with the latest robotics technology, it seems logical that someone soon will think about creating a male sex doll designed for female pleasure and gratification.

Well, they already have: meet Zach. Zach is buff, but not too buff (research has found that women like a little muscle but are turned off by great bulging biceps and triceps, in the main) he is handsome, with a sensitive and youthful face – just what women say they want. Despite Zach’s careful tailoring, he has not been the enormous and runaway success that the designers thought he would be. There are excellent reasons for this.

Women do not think in terms of sexual gratification at all costs, in the way that some men do. Rather, sexual experiences tend to be a secondary – or even tertiary – consideration for women whose minds are more usually occupied with their job or their families. It is hard to think about getting your rocks off when your mind is fretting about junior’s cold or whether the paperwork has been sent through as promised… This is not to say men do not have these worries too – rather, women have been found to carry more ‘mental load’ than men, with worries and concerns lingering in the female brain whereas the male brain can completely dismiss concerns until they are in a position to do something about it. This is, once again, an evolutionary throwback to when dismissing the thought of the children or home could potentially put them in danger of injury or death, but it remains an aspect of the female psyche even today and, as such, should be taken into account.

So, Zach has not been the raving success that the manufacturers thought he would be, as women tend to have sex more opportunistically, preferring the mood and the circumstances to be right, rather than as a planned activity for any given evening. That is to say a woman will go out and if she sees someone who ticks her boxes, she will perhaps make a move on him. What a woman will not do, generally, is to go out with the plan of having sex, no matter who she ends up with. In this way, Zach is doomed: few women will plan an evening in with a plastic boyfriend, not matter how carefully sculpted he is – she would much rather make do with a trusty vibrator!