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Sex swings – for the Physically Impaired

by Beth Divine 8 May 2019

Sex swings are something that not too many people know about – until they have cause to need or use one. It is at this point that a sex swing becomes a vital part of their sexual repertoire, being used for a variety of reasons but all of which are, at base, designed to enhance the experience of having great sexual encounters, whether with a partner or solo.

Disabled people are treated differently from the abled population. They are either abused: accused of being lazy or perpetrating some kind of scam – or even simply so misunderstood that people in wheelchairs have been told to stand up or simply make do without aids that are vital for their safety and wellbeing; or they are treated as some sort of saintly wonder, admired for coping with their condition and treated with deference and awe. While potentially the latter is less upsetting than the former, neither are ideal – people just wanted to be treated normally no matter their circumstances.

And normal life includes sex. Of course, there are some disabled people who cannot have sex, who should not have sex and perhaps even some who do not see the point of sex as their bodies do not feel in the same way as others. However, a large proportion of disabled people have perfectly healthy libidos and want to have as much sex as the next guy.

Sex swings can be a great benefit to couples in which one partner has a disability of some kind. This is because it allows the disabled partner to be fully supported in a good position for sex, without the other partner needing to hold them up, support their full bodyweight without risking injury to them, and be able to get both into position to have sex. Sex swings are designed to be used for sex, so they make questions of supporting bodyweight and ease of access – to the whole body – easy to answer.

Sex swings do not just have to be used for penetrative sex, they are wonderful enhancers for oral and anal play too – you can even use a sex swing when pleasuring yourself, if you are disabled, as it can be arranged in such a way to position your body to make things easier and more accessible, shall we say.

Sex swings might seem to be a bit kinky on first acquaintance – but they can also be mobility aids, improving the quality of life and assuring a satisfying sex life to someone who otherwise might not be able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh!