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Sexting – for long term relationships

by Beth Divine 16 May 2019

Sexting tends to make headlines every now and then, usually for the wrong reasons. But sexting between consenting partners who are respectful of and wildly in love with each other can be a fantastic relationship tool. However, there are steps to sexting and no stranger should immediately send nudes to someone they would like to get to know; except in vary rare cases, this will instantly destry any chance of a romance! However, at the other end of the scale, sexting between established lovers who know their partners inside and out (almost literally!) can be very graphic and explicit, pressing buttons that the sender knows are there to be pressed!

Sexting can be the exchange of flirtatious banter and text, the sending of risqué images and emojis and it can include the sending of nude photographs. Here are some tips on how far you should go and at what point in your relationship you should do so.

When you have been in a relationship for some time, things can get a little bit stale, a little bit comfortable and a little bit samey. While this is quite normal and to be expected, there is no reason why you cannot resist this urge to sink into a cloud of mundanity – fight to keep the spark in your romance alive! Sexting can help you here.

While you may having been together – married or otherwise – since before the advent of mobile phones, especially smartphones, there is no reason why you cannot make use of modern technology to enhance your sex life.

First of all, learn a little bit about emojis: things like using the aubergine as a penis substitute and the peach as – and this can be confusing – either a vulva or an ass (so be careful when using this one, misunderstandings can arise!). The water droplets emoji can mean ejaculate, while various foodstuffs also substitute for sex acts and body parts. Then you can send lightly coded messages to your other half – waiting with anticipation for their reply, which will hopefully be in agreement with your suggestions.

Then you can experiment with naughty texts, saucy images and emojis threads, and even the odd photo of your naughty bits! A word to the wise though – if you are not terribly good with technology, make sure you are sending the sexts to the right person!