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Anal vibrators

by Beth Divine 30 May 2019

Anal sex in the seventies was a very niche sector of the porn industry. Few female stars were into it, and even fewer of those would agree to be filmed taking one in the ass because it was stigmatised, even within the porn industry. So a casual observer of human behaviour might be forgiven for thinking that anal is a modern perversion, something perhaps to be railed against and prevented from becoming mainstream – but there are two issues here:

If sex acts are to be eschewed as perversions, one might want to understand that the original definition of sodomy was any sex act that would not end in a pregnancy. That includes any kind of masturbation, regular sex with the use of contraceptives, and even oral sex – so anal, taken on those terms, is simply another sex act that will not cause a pregnancy.

And, anal been around for a long time. A survey was taken at some point in the seventeenth century asking about what sort of sex the participants had been having, and anal sex was included as a more accepted option than oral – oral going more in and out of favour over the years than penetrative anal sex ever has!

With anal now enjoying a rebirth of popularity, sex toy makers are following the trend and it is now possible to find anal toys of all types, from vibrating to thrusting to long to girthy. But, if the anus is not meant to be a pleasure zone, why have toys to stimulate this area at all?

Well, the jury is out on that one: the opening of the anus has a plethora of sensitive nerve endings and having them stimulated can feel very pleasurable indeed. And once something – like a vibrator, dildo or penis – is inserted into the anus, both genders can thoroughly enjoy the sensations. This is because in men, anal penetration stimulates the prostate gland, causing more intense orgasms and thoroughly emptying the tubes of seminal fluid. In women, it has been discovered that anal penetration can actually find the G-Spot more readily than vaginal penetration because of the design of the female anatomy!

So anal vibrators are an excellent idea, really. Not only are they genuinely gender neutral as a sex toy (men and women alike get enhanced pleasure from using them) but they reach the spots that other sex acts will not touch! Get one today and have some fun!