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Why do men like anal – if they do?

by Beth Divine 5 Jun 2019

Many men are almost obsessed with anal. They want to, to coin a phrase, stick their dick into almost any hole, and the anus is a secret and taboo hole: so close to the permitted orifice but usually forbidden! So now that anal sex is enjoying something of a popular revival, men who have longed to try it out are summoning up their nerve and speaking to their loved ones about one day, maybe, perhaps, giving it a go, what do you think, love?

But why do men have such an interest in anal? Well, because they always have had such an interest to be quite honest: anal is mentioned in ancient writings from millennia ago, it is mentioned as part of the services on offer at the brothel in Pompeii, and it was certainly enjoyed in medieval times. The fact that it was barely mentioned does not matter: many perfectly normal activities are never mentioned, but there is little doubt that they occurred!

Which again, begs the question: why? Why, when the vagina is perfectly designed as a penis receptacle, why do so many men want to try out nether pleasures? Curiosity is one answer, and for some men, it is a case of ‘one and done’ – one attempt at anal, and then they know what it is all about and do not need to try it again. But for others it can become part of their sexual repertoire, being something enjoyed mutually as a way to keep the relationship alive and their sex life fresh and exciting.

Anal sex, as compared to vaginal penetration, feels very different. To begin with, the entrance is very tight (even after you have done it several times, the body is great at restoring us to our original state where possible!) and getting in takes some finesse. Plenty of lube should be used, for preference an anal lube which is thicker and much more comfortable for both of you. Some gentle stretching should also be done, using first one finger, then two or three, or a sex toy designed to dilate the sphincter. The partner should be as relaxed as possible, as any nervous tension in them will translate itself directly to their ass!

Once penetration has been successful, there are no rippling vaginal muscles: instead, there is the thick tight band of the sphincter, and the softer rectal walls. This means that the whole experience of anal sex is very different for both partners, and this can mean that one or both do not have a good time or it can mean that both of you have a wonderfully exciting time, and can add another favourite activity to bed time!