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Thrusting vibrators

by Beth Divine 7 Jun 2019

The very first vibrator that was used to achieve what used to be called ‘hysterical paroxysm’ and is now known simply to be female orgasm was called the Granville Hammer after its inventor Joseph Mortimer Granville. He was not interested in female anatomy or what was coyly called ‘women’s nerves’ (translation: severe sexual repression), instead inventing his percussive massager to restore the muscles and condition of athletes during training and after strenuous events. But his device was perfect for the purposes and his grumpy objections were overruled, with his Hammer being used by doctors, nurses and wealthier women until purpose-designed vibrators came along.

But as his massager used an ‘up-and-down’ motion, rather than a buzzing, rumbling vibratory one, it can be argued that his hammer was the first thrusting vibrator.

Why have a thrusting vibrator at all, you may ask. Well, to better simulate the motions of sex, would be the obvious answer, but also because sometimes vibrators don’t do it for their users who might need a different kind of motion to get them going during couples or solo play.

Thrusting vibrators, as the name states, use a thrusting motion rather than the more stationary vibrating toys. Some of these toys have the thrusting mechanism just in the tip of the toy, which is great for G-Spot or prostate stimulation, but does not feel particularly authentic. Some are designed to ripple or rotate, so as to offer maximum stimulation – again, these can feel fantastic, but they are not especially authentic for those wanting to experience ‘real’ feeling sex without the inconvenience of a partner! Still others thrust from the base, with a bellows-like motor moving the whole shaft. These latter toys often provide the most authentic sensations, especially when the toys are designed to look like penises complete with testicles and sometimes even rendered with veins and ridges to make them even more lifelike!

If you have a normal vibrator but sometimes get a bit bored with the same sensations, why not give a thrusting vibrator a go? They can often double as anal toys, and can be introduced into a steamy sex session as well as being used for solo play. Try one soon, it might change your orgasm into a thing of even more beauty than before!