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Sex Doll Brothel

by Beth Divine 11 Jun 2019

This blog has previously mentioned a sex doll brothel in Japan that is getting plenty of interest from men looking to experiment with male-male-female threesomes without any embarrassing human connections to get in the way. But the brothel’s biggest claim to fame is its female sex robots.

Carefully sculpted from medical grade silicone these dolls are designed around real female body shapes and sizes, from petite and slender to curvy and voluptuous. Often breast size, hair colour, height and much else can be specified, to literally replicate the ‘perfect’ women for the customers. Their hair and make up can be applied, just as with a human figure and, in the brothel, customers can request particular outfits when they place their booking.

This means that no matter what the customer’s fetish is, be it long socks and mini skirts, or lingerie, or evening dress, the sex doll that best suits his needs (or sex dolls, should a threesome be what he is looking for) can be all dressed up and waiting for him, wearing his choice of garments and the room made up, as far as possible, to depict his ideal scenario: a lady’s boudoir, a nurse’s station, even a Wild West Saloon. This enhances the experience so much that some men actually prefer the sex robots to real women, who would struggle to be quite as compliant and passive. (Obviously, men who like their women to take charge during a session will have to wait until AI and robotics have improved even more, producing androids that are semi-autonomous and capable of independent movement.

The brothel only has four dolls at present, but as they are in almost constant demand, with only a quick wash and costume change in between clients, the brothel is making plenty of profit from their investments. They will soon be looking to increase their ‘stable’, and as mentioned in the previous blog post, are just waiting for the male sex doll technology and design to catch up with the female versions before they invest in some man power, so to speak.