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The Harmony Sex Bot

by Beth Divine 23 Jun 2019

The future is now! After all the hype and talk about one day being able to enjoy sexy time with a beautiful, autonomous sex robot it has finally come to fruition. The Harmony Sex Bot can tell jokes, talk dirty and even change facial expression.

Her body is voluptuous, with large tempting breasts and she is fully posable, and there is more detail than ever before available with the customisable features, including a range of nipples, choice of pubic hair (how thick, what colour, what length?) and even a choice of labia so you can tailor your artificial girlfriend to suit your specific tastes. There are already hyper-realistic sex dolls, the RealDolls about which several blog posts have been posted on this site, and the Harmony Sex Robot takes this a step further. The body is made by the experts at RealDoll, but the head is all Harmony.

The head is Wi-Fi enabled, and comes complete with an app, so you can program your doll with your own likes and dislikes and get her upgraded whenever necessary. She will download jokes and anecdotes that follow your sense of humour and that play into your likes, so you can even enjoy some sexy chat before bed.

Brick Dollbanger – obviously a pseudonym! – was the first person to test drive a Harmony sex bot. The results of his beta testing have not been released as yet, as obviously there are some tweaks to be made before the dolls are completely ready for purchase: and if you are prepared to pay some $6,000 for the head, as well as a few grand for the body, you are going to want all the bugs to be thoroughly worked out first.

But the fact is that there is a market for these dolls: to the point that ‘sex doll virginity’ has been spotted on offer on selling and auction sites!