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Virtual Reality – Kids’ Stuff or Adult Fare? Virtual Reality – Kids’ Stuff or Adult Fare?
by Beth Divine 17 Dec 2018
Virtual reality is sometimes dismissed as being a mere gaming platform, only of use to children and young adults who seek to evade the real world for a while by escaping into immersive game and fantasy worlds. But virtual reality is rapidly transforming the world, showing that it can be useful in many different scenarios including in ways not envisioned when the medium was invented. This is fai...
Who was Paul Allen? Who was Paul Allen?
by Beth Divine 16 Dec 2018
Paul Allen died on the 15th of October 2018, and you had most probably never heard of him unless you are deeply invested in computers and Microsoft. Paul Allen was partners with a man of whom you have almost certainly heard: Bill Gates. The pair, best friends from their schooldays, established Microsoft, growing it from a garage-based home business to the multi-million (billion?) dollar industr...
Why Women Like Rough Sex Why Women Like Rough Sex
by Beth Divine 15 Dec 2018
This title is something of a misnomer. It really should be Why (Some) Women Like Rough Sex. Although probably more women do like it that do not – up to fifty seven percent, according to researchers – there are a significant number who are horrified and appalled at the idea of being physically restrained, hurt or forcefully stimulated. Obviously, it is very important question that must be asked:...
Botox Curbing Sexual Pleasure? Botox Curbing Sexual Pleasure?
by Beth Divine 14 Dec 2018
Botox is something like marmite. You either love it or you hate it – love it for the youthful way it frees up your face from frown lines and aging wrinkles, returning you to your youthful smoothness; or hate it for the way it can immobilise faces, making it hard to read someone’s emotions. For the haters, there is no another reason to possibly dislike it: researchers have recently posited the t...
Milfs – Why Would You? Milfs – Why Would You?
by Beth Divine 13 Dec 2018
Younger women get great press. Men drool over the idea of tight pussies, firm asses and youthful elastic skin. But younger women tend to be more insecure about sex, especially if they have been raised in heteronormative societies where women are meant to be pretty, biddable and basically uninterested in sex except as a fulfilment of a duty to their man. Older women, especially those who have ha...
First Time Sex: How to Get Going First Time Sex: How to Get Going
by Beth Divine 12 Dec 2018
So now the big day has arrived. You are about to have sex for the first time ever. You’ve watched some porn, so you understand the mechanics of what you are about to attempt. You’ve got the girl (or boy) of your dreams, and all that needs to happen next is the doing of the deed itself. Here are some things to consider first: Privacy is important with any kind of intimacy and your first sexual e...
Mature Sex Mature Sex
by Beth Divine 11 Dec 2018
Should older women be having lots of sex? Doesn’t everything dry up and sexual urges die away? Well, yes to the first question and no to the second. In a way. Women do suffer from some dryness with age, usually with the advent of the menopause, but annoyingly for women, this usually coincides with – or follows very closely – an upsurge in libido. It is only in her forties that a woman becomes f...
First Time Sex: How To Prepare First Time Sex: How To Prepare
by Beth Divine 10 Dec 2018
Times have changed in recent decades. It used to be that couples – even older couples in their twenties and thirties – had no real idea about what sex was, exactly. Even if they had a vague idea, usually the details were entirely unknown, and only a hasty chat from a more liberal uncle or aunt (or similar family friend or relative) saved many a wedding night from absolute disaster – or even per...
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