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Thrusting vibrators Thrusting vibrators
by Beth Divine 7 Jun 2019
The very first vibrator that was used to achieve what used to be called ‘hysterical paroxysm’ and is now known simply to be female orgasm was called the Granville Hammer after its inventor Joseph Mortimer Granville. He was not interested in female anatomy or what was coyly called ‘women’s nerves’ (translation: severe sexual repression), instead inventing his percussive massager to restore the m...
Why do men like anal – if they do? Why do men like anal – if they do?
by Beth Divine 5 Jun 2019
Many men are almost obsessed with anal. They want to, to coin a phrase, stick their dick into almost any hole, and the anus is a secret and taboo hole: so close to the permitted orifice but usually forbidden! So now that anal sex is enjoying something of a popular revival, men who have longed to try it out are summoning up their nerve and speaking to their loved ones about one day, maybe, perha...
Why do women like anal – if they do? Why do women like anal – if they do?
by Beth Divine 3 Jun 2019
It has been claimed that women do not like anal. Even if they say they like it, they do not like it, one blogger in particular has claimed. Quite apart from the insulting rudeness with which many women’s experiences have been brushed aside as lies – lies, the blogger claims, to keep their men interested, or to seem cooler or more edgy than they really are – it is a mistake for any one person to...
The truth about the G-Spot The truth about the G-Spot
by Beth Divine 1 Jun 2019
One hundred years ago everyone knew that women were congenitally incapable of enjoying sex. Forty years ago, everyone knew that the female orgasm was a myth – or, at the very least, seriously exaggerated. Twenty years ago, everyone knew that the G-Spot was mythical. Five (or so) years ago, everyone knew that that the clitoris was a tiny bud, hidden in the labial folds at the top of the vagina, ...
Anal vibrators Anal vibrators
by Beth Divine 30 May 2019
Anal sex in the seventies was a very niche sector of the porn industry. Few female stars were into it, and even fewer of those would agree to be filmed taking one in the ass because it was stigmatised, even within the porn industry. So a casual observer of human behaviour might be forgiven for thinking that anal is a modern perversion, something perhaps to be railed against and prevented from b...
How to Hook Up How to Hook Up
by Beth Divine 28 May 2019
The rules of dating and relationships seem to be changing with every day that passes. How can a person keep up to date when what is accepted and not accepted is different each week? Well, in truth, it is not hard: In previous decades, there was an assumption that women did not feel sexual desire, and therefore they needed to be chivied into putting out. Magazines, medical professionals and even...
The Changing Tide of Sex Therapy The Changing Tide of Sex Therapy
by Beth Divine 26 May 2019
You might think that being a sex therapist is a fairly new profession (and it is), perhaps so new that there has not been any time for the job to change in any way. But this is not the case at all: sex therapists report that while their job description has not changed the needs of their patients have. Sex therapists used to be the last bastion of sanity for desperate people who found that their...
STIs of the future? STIs of the future?
by Beth Divine 24 May 2019
Whenever Man has had lots of living to do, whether that is farming, cramming together in cities, or indulging in all sorts of sexy naughtiness, Nature has long had a way of cutting us down to size. Epidemics and viruses sweep through populations regularly, thinning the herd and leaving a smaller, sadder and slightly wiser remainder behind, usually already in the process of modifying dangerous b...
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