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Interactive VR porn – you choose what happens next Interactive VR porn – you choose what happens next
by Beth Divine 19 Jan 2019
Virtual reality porn already exists, and many frequent returners to this site will no doubt have their favourite clips, speeding through the less titillating bits to get to favourite scenes or – ahem – activities. But how would it be to be able to decide what happens next? To watch your favourite porn star hook up with the person you decide they should get it on with, and then for you to decide...
Haptic Gloves – the Way of the Future? Haptic Gloves – the Way of the Future?
by Beth Divine 19 Jan 2019
The future of virtual reality took a step closer with the announcement of the imminent release of haptic gloves from Haptx. While there have been virtual reality enabled gloves for a while, these have been relatively clunky, offering only basic controls to virtual reality users, and relying on awkward vibration responses by way of physical feedback to players. They have traditionally been used ...
Can VR save the mall? Can VR save the mall?
by Beth Divine 18 Jan 2019
Big business – as in businesses that have traditionally flourished with huge floor space and enormous stores bursting with hundreds of stock options – is on the decline. Online shopping offers more stock choices than ever the biggest store, and people can shop without ever leaving the comfort of their armchair, choosing from every possible colour, size, type of product without ever getting sore...
What are the risks of a VR/ AR based business? What are the risks of a VR/ AR based business?
by Beth Divine 17 Jan 2019
Augmented reality and virtual reality are the new media for entertainment, and the big boys have waited long enough for the technology to be streamlined enough for there to be a reasonable chance of making good money should they dabble in the new offering. In the last year, investment in virtual and augmented reality in the entertainment industry topped out close to the two billion dollar mark ...
Are You Gay If You’re Bi-Curious? Are You Gay If You’re Bi-Curious?
by Beth Divine 16 Jan 2019
The short answer to this is ‘no’. People have long been interested in sex, and this includes all sorts of acts that involve regular penetrative sex with someone of the opposite sex, and it also includes all manner of other sexual acts that are not necessarily reproductive in nature. It is these latter acts that are designated as ‘sodomy’ – something that not many people realise these days, as i...
Oral – A Short How To Guide Oral – A Short How To Guide
by Beth Divine 15 Jan 2019
No matter whether you are male or female, when giving oral to your partner (likewise, of either gender) always start slowly and be gentle. Try not to go straight for the action section as this can make your partner feel that a) you are only interested in their genitals, and want to hurry up and make them come, or that b) you are not really into administering oral and want to get it over with as...
Oral Sex: the Benefits Oral Sex: the Benefits
by Beth Divine 14 Jan 2019
Oral sex is the practise of stimulating your partner’s sexual organs with the mouth, and often with the hands at the same time. While sex is arguably meant to be for reproduction, the furthering of the species and ensuring the continuation of your own genes, does oral sex serve any purpose? Well, yes it does. It does not (obviously!) lead to propagation of the species, but it has a number of ot...
Why Going Down on Her is Good for Both of You Why Going Down on Her is Good for Both of You
by Beth Divine 13 Jan 2019
DJ Khaled famously doesn’t go down on his ladies. (Perhaps that’s the real reason Nicki Minaj turned him down? It is hard to imagine that someone as feisty as Minaj would ever accept the double standard that Khaled cites as his reasons for refusing to perform oral: ‘It’s different rules for men,’ he claims.) Whatever his reasoning he is not alone, but the club he has put himself into is not a m...
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