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Penile Dysmorphic Disorder Penile Dysmorphic Disorder
by Beth Divine 19 Nov 2018
One thing that porn is responsible for, according to the medical profession who are dealing with the fallout of this thing, is the rise of a condition called penile dysmorphic disorder. The condition is pretty much what it sounds like: the unreasonable belief or fear that one’s penis is embarrassingly small or deformed in some way. This has happened because male porn stars tend to have extra la...
Bisexuality: It’s Really Not Just a Phase Bisexuality: It’s Really Not Just a Phase
by Beth Divine 19 Nov 2018
Being gay is more or less understandable these days: you don’t like the opposite sex, you like same sex, super. But being bisexual is often deeply misunderstood with people being asked, ‘Are you really straight then, but just bicurious?’ The assumption being that everyone must like sex just one way. But as every bisexual often says, ‘It’s not about parts, it is about hearts’. Bisexuals genuinel...
VR and Terrorism ‘Saving’ the wonders of the world? VR and Terrorism ‘Saving’ the wonders of the world?
by Beth Divine 18 Nov 2018
In the early 2000s, terror took a turn for the even more menacing. The Taliban and its newly fledged offspring, Al Qaeda, increased their fields of operation, moving from isolated local attacks on people just like them, and moved to targeting, on a large scale, Westerners. This had the desired effect of causing, well… terror in the Western world, especially amongst white people. (NB this is not...
Stormy Daniels vs Trump: Who’s Winning Now? Stormy Daniels vs Trump: Who’s Winning Now?
by Beth Divine 17 Nov 2018
Stormy Daniels is, of course, the porn star who has recently shot to fame because of her battle with Donald Trump. Apparently, the story runs, Donald Trump had a fling (for which read fairly bad sex) with Stormy, in March or April 2006. This was, a quick google will confirm for you, approximately around the time that Melania Trump, Don’s second or third wife, had just presented him with his you...
Staying Home at the Opera Staying Home at the Opera
by Beth Divine 17 Nov 2018
There is something magnificent about a night at the theatre or the opera: the beautiful clothes, the impeccable grooming, the airing of jewels so expensive that the bank manager and insurance agents cry when they are notified that they will be taken out of the secure bank deposit boxes in which they normally live. The ambiance of the audience at a theatre or opera house is worth experiencing ev...
The Horror game VR deserves The Horror game VR deserves
by Beth Divine 16 Nov 2018
The Persistence is a horror game, recently released by PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) that is taking the world by storm. The sci-fi spin adds a new twist on the horror games available for the PSVR, as well as an interesting continuation of the kind of sci-fi survival stress so familiar to players of games like Mass Effect.The actual mechanics of the game will be relatively familiar to anyon...
The Resurrection of the Horror Genre The Resurrection of the Horror Genre
by Beth Divine 15 Nov 2018
It is an established fact that times of political instability and uncertainty engender a sharp rise in the advent of horror: in fiction, in film, now in television and in video games too. There is believed to be a correlation between the fears of the populace which writers, the unacknowledged legislators of the world, as Shelley claimed, seem to absorb by observational osmosis. The truth of thi...
Visit Hiroshima in VR Visit Hiroshima in VR
by Beth Divine 14 Nov 2018
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These two names should make any self respecting person feel at least a frisson of sorrow for the many innocent people who were killed – and killed torturously, in some cases – when the USA dropped a pair of massive atomic bombs on the Japanese cities. They did so in the full knowledge and understanding that innocent Japanese children, women, vulnerable and elderly people...
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