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Is Porn Legal Everywhere? Is Porn Legal Everywhere?
by Beth Divine 10 Jan 2018
Porn is big business all over the world, a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA, but there are a number of countries were porn is banned, and there are other places which have a number of unusual laws. Here’s a quick over-view of some of these countries and their rules. Porn is banned outright in some African countries and across a vast swathe of Eastern Europe and Asia, while there are res...
What Happens When You Fuck? What Happens When You Fuck?
by Beth Divine 9 Jan 2018
Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you’re having sex? Not at the time obviously, hopefully during the act you are too busy having a good time to wonder about what is going on apart from the creation of pleasure, but in odd down moments, while you’re waiting for your next hook-up or recovering from the last one? Well, wonder no more, here is all the information you need to und...
Transsexuals TS Transsexuals TS
by juttyuk 8 Jan 2018
Transsexuals are regarded as freaks by alot of straight men, but they are also viewed online in XXX porn films by alot of straight men... on the down low of course... You have probably nearly pissed yourself laughing when listening to your friends horror story of getting a blowjob from a tranny hooker while drunk or out of their mind, on a stag-do or lads holiday in Brazil or Thailand. So what ...
Time to Talk Sex(y) Time to Talk Sex(y)
by Beth Divine 8 Jan 2018
Most people who find their way to this site probably already have a pretty good idea about what words to use to find their favourite activities to watch, or join in with thanks to the technological wonder that is virtual reality. Anal, gangbang, amateur – these are all porn terms that most people can understand from their context, but there are some terms that are slightly less easily understoo...
Debunking an Old Myth: The Female Orgasm (and some historical feminism!) Debunking an Old Myth: The Female Orgasm (and some historical feminism!)
by Beth Divine 8 Jan 2018
Female Orgasm – Does it Exist? Spoiler alert: yes, it does! Any red-blooded man or woman who has ever brought a woman to shuddering climax is well aware that not only do women orgasm, they love to do it and that it can be brought about in a number of ways. However, people were not always quite so enlightened, and on and off throughout history, men (usually men, although they were often aided in...
A Little History of Sex Toys A Little History of Sex Toys
by Beth Divine 7 Jan 2018
You might think that our obsession with sex toys began with our generation, or – at the least – the one before ours. But this is very far from the truth: sex toys have been with us a very long time. In fact, as long as people have been recording history and/ or leaving traces of their civilisations for archaeologists to discover they have been stimulating themselves with all manner of artificia...
Christmas List Part Two Christmas List Part Two
by Beth Divine 7 Jan 2018
See how you fit into this schedule: the day on which the most porn is viewed is a Sunday – depressed office workers make the most of their free time before getting back to the daily grind of working for living, perhaps? Very little porn is watched on Christmas Day it being the day on which the least porn is watched worldwide – but this is made for on the 27th December. Working it out logically,...
Famous Viral Sex Videos Famous Viral Sex Videos
by juttyuk 5 Jan 2018
I love viral videos, not of puppies and kittens. I like crazy shit and the rarest and strangest XXX porn. I have followed the viral videos of the last 20 years online and I am going to list some memorable ones that were shocking and got people talking around the world. hosts only the top VR porn videos, so I am not going to add the videos but will describe them and give you backgr...
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