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Augmented reality Augmented reality
by Beth Divine 30 Mar 2018
Augmented reality is a term coined in 1990 by Thomas Caudell a researcher for Boeing, when the process was used to help workers on the assembly line. Its uses have slowly increased from one or two very specialised processes to a wide range encompassing everything from retail to medical to entertainment. (More about these uses follow in a separate blog post!). Augmented reality is the integratio...
Is Virtual Reality All That? Is Virtual Reality All That?
by Beth Divine 28 Mar 2018
Looking back on past ideas about what the future would be like has long been a source of massive amusement to younger generations and one of disappointment to older folk – anyone else still waiting patiently for the personalised jet packs that would make the daily commute a doddle – and tremendous fun! – as was promised in 80s and 90s television shows like Tomorrow’s World and other like it? Ye...
Are You Safe in Virtual Reality Land? Are You Safe in Virtual Reality Land?
by Beth Divine 27 Mar 2018
You would think that using virtual reality is a good way to get the best of both worlds – you get to explore and experience new things, but you can’t get hurt ‘for real’, and if your computer self falls or is injured all you need to do is go back to your last save and go from there, a little wiser and more cautious than before. Surely, there is no way that you can get hurt while playing games o...
Oculus GO Review Oculus GO Review
by Beth Divine 23 Mar 2018
In an unusual partnership (that actually makes perfect sense when you examine it in more detail!) Facebook has teamed up with Oculus, the social media giant partnering up with the leading producer of virtual reality equipment with the avowed aim of getting as many people as possible using virtual reality tech. As Facebook has, as of the last quarter of 2017, as many as 2.2 BILLION users, this m...
Virtual Reality at the Olympics Virtual Reality at the Olympics
by Beth Divine 20 Mar 2018
As an example of just how widespread and accepted virtual reality is and has become part of our daily lives can be found at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Not only can viewers from all over the world watch snow sports from speed skating to skiing to curling at almost any time of the day or night, but the US broadcaster NBC Olympic is also showing up to fifty hours of live virtual reality f...
How Sex Can Be Better for Her How Sex Can Be Better for Her
by Beth Divine 18 Mar 2018
Women have traditionally been raised to believe that their sexual satisfaction is secondary to that of their male partner’s. Obviously, this is not something taught by families and parents, rather it is a societal teaching, something that women pick up by some kind of awful osmosis. Fortunately, this type of ‘everyone knows’ belief is finally being challenged and the hegemony of male sexual sat...
Samsung Gear VR Review Samsung Gear VR Review
by Beth Divine 16 Mar 2018
Samsung’s mission statement about its virtual reality offerings is a simple one: keep it simple and relatively affordable. Now on the third incarnation of its virtual reality headset, this statement has not changed at all. The one downside of Samsung Gear is that you must use it in conjunction with a Samsung phone – the idea presumably being that if you will rush out and buy a new phone and a n...
How to Have Better Sex: Emotional Factors How to Have Better Sex: Emotional Factors
by Beth Divine 15 Mar 2018
Be Attracted To Your Partner This may seem like a no-brainer, but people do go out with the express intention of ‘hooking up’ and quite often target someone to whom they are not attracted, but who they might stand a chance of scoring with. In these cases, often the sex, while physically successful, can be disappointing on an emotional level, leaving you feeling ashamed of yourself, or wanting t...
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