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Anthony Comstock Anthony Comstock
by Beth Divine 10 Feb 2018
If you don’t know the name of Anthony Comstock, two things: 1) brace yourself and 2) count yourself lucky – the man was… something else. Read on, and be enlightened! Born in 1844, Comstock grew up and went off, as did many million young men of his generation, to fight in the Civil War (he fought on the side of the Union, aka the North, which was the side against slavery, so perhaps his original...
The New Way to Watch Sport The New Way to Watch Sport
by Beth Divine 9 Feb 2018
Watching the big game on television has its advantages – especially with modern television broadcasts that can be paused and rewound on demand. Watching the game in the stadium brings you up close to the action, you can see, and hear, and feel the crowd all around you and become part of that indefinable entity that is a united sporting fan-base. However, watching on television is a distant and ...
Become a Female Pornstar Become a Female Pornstar
by juttyuk 8 Feb 2018
Ladies! So you got nice tits and you love cock up your pussy and arse? If you are happy with your body and can perform in front of people, then maybe you will make it as a Pornstar or Exotic dancer. Luckily for you ladies it's a lot easier to break into the XXX porn industry than it is for men. With the ever increasing audience the internet provides, there has never been a better time either. U...
Weird Things Stuck Up Pussies Weird Things Stuck Up Pussies
by Beth Divine 8 Feb 2018
Pussies are designed to have things put inside them, especially cock-shaped things. Sometimes people get curious about what else will fit up there, and this can go wrong. One medical professional says she sees at least one stuck dildo every month in her emergency room. That doesn’t sound too bad, until you look at all the medical professionals in all the emergency rooms all over the world. That...
The Ultimate Adult Experience: VR Porn with a Twist The Ultimate Adult Experience: VR Porn with a Twist
by Beth Divine 7 Feb 2018
Have you ever fantasized about having a full-action session with someone by remote control? About plugging yourself into a machine and enjoying full intercourse even though your partner is many miles away? If you’re into sci-fi, you probably have, and the reality of such encounters is edging ever closer. The ultimate adult experience is a joint enterprise between CamSoda, an adult virtual reali...
Weird Things Stuck Inside Penises Weird Things Stuck Inside Penises
by Beth Divine 7 Feb 2018
Urethral sounds are medical tools used to dilate the male urethra for various tests and treatments. However, just as the head of the penis, the glans, is sensitive, so too is the inside of the urethra. Therefore, some people use urethral sounds and penis plugs to enjoy the sensations engendered by having something firm slid inside the penis. There are a number of sex toys available that enhance...
How to Get Started With VR How to Get Started With VR
by Beth Divine 1 Feb 2018
If you’ve managed to find your way to this site and want to get started, but have less than no idea about how to get watching, you have clicked on the right blog post to get you started. Read on to find out how to get started with virtual reality.  The good news is that by only getting started with virtual reality now, you are able to take advantage of some new advances (yes, already!) and you ...
Weird Things Stuck Up Butts Weird Things Stuck Up Butts
by Beth Divine 1 Feb 2018
We all like a little bit of ass action every now and then, and sometimes if there’s no one ready and willing to give it to us, we have to make a plan to sort ourselves out, don’t we? But do be warned, a little private play time can go badly wrong as all these people found out to their everlasting shame! Here’s a list of some of the weird things found up people’s butts. Glass bottle: A seventy-y...
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