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Vibrators and Dildos Vibrators and Dildos
by juttyuk 29 Jan 2018
Sex toys have never been easier to purchase and can add some fun to your sex sessions or provide some solo pleasure. The most popular Sex toys are Dildo's and Vibrators. With the rapidly advancing Virtual Reality Sex industry, sex toy manufactuers are stepping up their game and developing sex toys that will work alongside your favourite VR Porn movies or even allow you to have virtual sex with ...
What's in a Fetish? What's in a Fetish?
by Beth Divine 26 Jan 2018
Fetishes are a form of sexual attraction to things not traditionally considered sexy. Fetishes can take almost any form: here are some descriptions of some common ones! Coprophilia – literally meaning ‘poop loving’ coprophilia refers to having a sexual attraction to shit. Porn featuring this particular fetish is called scat, and it has a small, but devoted, following…  Exhibitionism – This refe...
Pleasure in Pain: How and Why? Pleasure in Pain: How and Why?
by Beth Divine 26 Jan 2018
To people who do not understand it, the desire for pain as part of the sexual experience was a baffling one, and they did what the uninformed have always done with that which they cannot control: they put a label on it and decided that those who enjoyed a little light S&M were mentally ill. (They did the same thing to homosexuals, for many years.) However, in these more enlightened times, there...
HTC Vive Review HTC Vive Review
by Beth Divine 24 Jan 2018
The HTC Vive, representing HTC’s first foray into the world of virtual reality, is the most expensive but this is deservedly so as it has been lauded as 'one of the most accomplished headsets to date' according to – an opinion agreed with by many virtual reality aficionados. There are two base units that attach to points in the room that you will be gaming in. These monitor ...
Virtual Reality Will Change the World. Here’s How. Part One Virtual Reality Will Change the World. Here’s How. Part One
by Beth Divine 23 Jan 2018
Virtual reality is already changing the way people game and watch movies. No longer passively sitting, watching the action through the distancing medium of a screen, now gamers and movie watchers are inside the world of the game or the film, able to turn their heads and see details that might be missed on traditional viewing methods. But virtual reality is so much more than an entertainment fac...
The Very First Porn Film The Very First Porn Film
by Beth Divine 23 Jan 2018
Film was invented in the very late 1800s. By 28th December 1895 the first commercially produced film was aired to an audience who were presumably wowed by this vast improvement on earlier pieces of footage – which were all less than a minute long, lacking in sound and poor in quality. The first ‘porn’ film was produced, predictably, less than a year after this screening! It was a relatively dem...
Google Cardboard Review Google Cardboard Review
by Beth Divine 18 Jan 2018
The Promise Google Cardboard was purposefully designed to be cheap and cheerful, aiming at the very bottom of the VR market. Cardboard was produced so that anyone who wanted to use virtual reality could do so, without it breaking the bank. It is also ideal for those people who want to see what all the fuss is about without investing in a pricey headset that they will not use more than once or t...
Is Porn Legal Everywhere? Is Porn Legal Everywhere?
by Beth Divine 10 Jan 2018
Porn is big business all over the world, a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA, but there are a number of countries were porn is banned, and there are other places which have a number of unusual laws. Here’s a quick over-view of some of these countries and their rules. Porn is banned outright in some African countries and across a vast swathe of Eastern Europe and Asia, while there are res...
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