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How is watching porn from the other gender's point of view How is watching porn from the other gender's point of view
by The Red Ghost 7 Dec 2017
One of the most beautiful qualities of virtual reality is that it can make us discover how things are when they're seen from the point of view of other people. This has been used a lot of times for instance in empathy-inducing experiences, like the famous one that makes you see the life from the point of view of a Syrian refugee, or the one that regards violence as seen from the eyes of an abus...
Can watching VR porn be considered cheating? Can watching VR porn be considered cheating?
by The Red Ghost 7 Dec 2017
We have seen in various posts how virtual reality porn is becoming increasingly similar to real sex, due to:The immersion offered by virtual reality headset;The always increasing resolution and field of view of such headsets (e.g. Pimax 8K);The use of binaural audio, that can trigger psuedo-orgasmic sensations like ASMR;The experiments with integration of erotic senses like smell and taste;The ...
VR Porn Users Want Unique Porn Experience VR Porn Users Want Unique Porn Experience
by juttyuk 7 Dec 2017
Now virtual reality porn is available to everybody with a VR headset, smartphone and internet connection, the publics tastes in porn movies is changing fast. Users are no longer happy with the bog standard porno movie of yesteryear. Now users want a more intimate, more personal and unique experience. With the rapid improvments in virtual reality technology, there are concerns that users will be...
Porn IS Feminist! Porn IS Feminist!
by Beth Divine 7 Dec 2017
Following on from Part One: Is Porn Feminist? There is, in fact, a stronger argument for how porn can be seen as an empowering, feminist tool. First of all, most porn films have the action driven by the women: the hot babe comes on to the male character, or strips off invitingly, or – in one way or another – indicates her desire to enjoy some steamy sexy time with the male character (or another...
Is Porn Feminist? Is Porn Feminist?
by Beth Divine 7 Dec 2017
Is there a feminist side to porn? A lot of people think that porn is ‘bad’, that it is insulting to women and aimed purely at men. The same people probably believe that anyone claiming to be a feminist or to support feminist tendencies would automatically be against pornography for the following reasons: -          That porn is degrading to women, -          that it objectifies women, -        ...
Porn Movie Costs Porn Movie Costs
by juttyuk 7 Dec 2017
Whilst here at we give you access to the best virtual reality porn movies and the hottest adult stars in the industry, we also make our own VR sex content. We work with the top porn producers and production companies in the adult industry. This allows us to provide the widest selection of niches of xxx sex in one place. When the production companies specialize in a niche like Crea...
World Records Of Sex World Records Of Sex
by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
Most Sexual Partners In 1 Day.During the 2004 World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon, pornstar Lisa Sparks had sex with 919 men during a 24 hour long gangbang. That works out at just over 1.5 minutes per man. I wonder how many of them ejaculated?Most Orgasms In 1 HourThe Center for Marital and Sexual Studies based in California, USA, have verified that 1 women had an amazing 134 orgasms in 1 ...
Some Porn Industry Health Facts Some Porn Industry Health Facts
by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
Medical Issues?It is common for male porn performers to inject Caverject straight into the shaft of their penis. This allows them to maintain a solid erection for a long time. Despite the fact pornstars lead the sex lives most of us can only dream of, their rates of sexually transmitted deseases(STD) is very low. This is because they must take regular tests to prove they are STD free before the...
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