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Porn Movie Costs Porn Movie Costs
by juttyuk 7 Dec 2017
Whilst here at we give you access to the best virtual reality porn movies and the hottest adult stars in the industry, we also make our own VR sex content. We work with the top porn producers and production companies in the adult industry. This allows us to provide the widest selection of niches of xxx sex in one place. When the production companies specialize in a niche like Crea...
World Records Of Sex World Records Of Sex
by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
Most Sexual Partners In 1 Day.During the 2004 World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon, pornstar Lisa Sparks had sex with 919 men during a 24 hour long gangbang. That works out at just over 1.5 minutes per man. I wonder how many of them ejaculated?Most Orgasms In 1 HourThe Center for Marital and Sexual Studies based in California, USA, have verified that 1 women had an amazing 134 orgasms in 1 ...
Some Porn Industry Health Facts Some Porn Industry Health Facts
by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
Medical Issues?It is common for male porn performers to inject Caverject straight into the shaft of their penis. This allows them to maintain a solid erection for a long time. Despite the fact pornstars lead the sex lives most of us can only dream of, their rates of sexually transmitted deseases(STD) is very low. This is because they must take regular tests to prove they are STD free before the...
The Porn Business The Porn Business
by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
The true size of the global Adult and porn business is hard to estimate as there are no agreed upon standards of what defines an Adult industry. There are many ways of earning money from the sex and porn industry. These include phone sex, strip clubs, magazines, web cam sex, pay-per-view porn, sex toy shops and although not legal in many countries prostitution and escorting. Figures are also ha...
History of Porn History of Porn
by Beth Divine 4 Dec 2017
Men have long been fascinated with sex – or perhaps Mankind is a more accurate word to use as women do have an equal interest in obtaining sexual satisfaction – it is just that the female sexual voice is often unheard in traditional narratives. Pornographic or erotic images have been found as far back as any record shows – cave paintings often depict figures with boastfully large erect penises,...
History of Virtual Reality History of Virtual Reality
by Beth Divine 4 Dec 2017
Believe it or not, the first steps towards virtual reality (and the fun you are about to have now!) were taken in the 1800s. Virtual reality developed alongside photography. Fairly soon after traditional photography and filming was invented, the stereoscope came along. Stereoscopes used a mirror and two identical images arranged side-by-side. Looked at through a specific lens configuration, thi...
Porn Industry News Porn Industry News
by juttyuk 4 Dec 2017
Here at we love the porn industry, from old vintage black and white porn photographs from the 1920's to the newest  virtual reality porn movies from the hottest stars like Brett Rossi and Nikki Litte and the most in-demand production houses like WankzVR and VRbangers. As we get to hear the most shocking, amazing and sometimes weird news stories and the juiciest gossip from the adu...
What women want from VR porn. What women want from VR porn.
by juttyuk 30 Nov 2017
More women view porn these days than ever before. It is mainly those under 25 who admit to their filthy habits. The increase in porn use by women in recent years is due to the anonymity the internet offers and more relaxed attitudes to sex. The most popular search terms used by women give you an interesting insight into the differences between what men and women want from online porn. Whilst se...
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