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VR in the Medical World: Phobias VR in the Medical World: Phobias
by Beth Divine 21 Oct 2018
Virtual reality is one of those media that is thought of as something fun, an amusement form – entertainment not something important or serious or really useful. But this is to dismiss virtual reality too easily. The technology is finding its way into the mainstream, and the medical world is finding more and more ways to use it with treatments that would otherwise cost too much or be too imprac...
The Beauty of Free Speech in Action The Beauty of Free Speech in Action
by Beth Divine 20 Oct 2018
A lot of countries have legalised pornography, not because they are enlightened beings who understand that (most) sexual desires are absolutely normal and should be catered for, but because free speech is enshrined in their legal system. Along with the right to watch porn without fear of persecution, these countries, including the UK, allow their people the right to demonstrate and protest when...
Trial by Media – Bad for All Trial by Media – Bad for All
by Beth Divine 20 Oct 2018
There is a saying ‘trial by media’ that has been floating around ever since communication opened up, and people could receive information in vast amounts very quickly. While it is tremendously tempting to react with righteous outrage to news of appalling things done to smaller, weaker, or more vulnerable people, there are reasons why informal ‘name and shame’ campaigns, doxing, and similar acti...
Adrenaline Junkies: What Drives Them Adrenaline Junkies: What Drives Them
by Beth Divine 19 Oct 2018
It doesn’t seem sensible to perform acts that might result in our deaths – and doing this for mere thrills is even more ridiculous. Isn’t it? Maybe not.An adrenaline junkie is a person addicted to the thrill of the adrenaline rush: the exciting, pleasurable effect produced when the adrenal glands dump a large dose of adrenaline into the bloodstream. The adrenaline rush usually occurs when the b...
Beate Uhse-Rotermund – Owner of the First Sex Shop Beate Uhse-Rotermund – Owner of the First Sex Shop
by Beth Divine 18 Oct 2018
Beate’s mother was one of the first five female doctors in Germany, and this meant that Beate was raised with a sensible understanding of the differences between men and women from a very young age. Her parents also ensured that the children received solid sex education from a very young age – something that is not guaranteed to all children in even civilised countries these days! – as well as ...
Who is Shere Hite? Who is Shere Hite?
by Beth Divine 17 Oct 2018
Born Shirley Diana Gregory, she later took her stepfather’s surname, Hite. She attended college, working as a model (including stripping off for Playboy) in order to make some money to pay for her tuition and living expenses. However, her feminist instincts were awakened and outraged when the strapline of one of the ads she posed for read: ‘The typewriter is so smart, she doesn’t have to be,’ a...
Fake News and How to Spot It Fake News and How to Spot It
by Beth Divine 16 Oct 2018
The past two years have wrought immense changes on the world. Britain has left – or is trying to – the European Union, for no reason other than David Cameron’s hubris and the outright lies of the Leave campaign, the USA seems to have channelled its inner racist and fascist Nazi with alarming enthusiasm and the Middle East’s centuries long war seems to be ramping ever faster towards the day when...
Porn Names and How to Choose One Porn Names and How to Choose One
by Beth Divine 15 Oct 2018
Many people working in the porn industry choose a pseudonym to protect their privacy and that of their families, some of whom are not even aware that their sister, daughter, or mother is working in the industry. However, sometimes a clear sense of humour sneaks through, as can be seen with these, predominantly male, porn star names.Rocky Balboner is the name of a stud who clearly is very fond o...
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