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Sex swings – for better sex

by Beth Divine 10 May 2019

Sex swings are something that not too many people know about – until they have cause to need or use one. It is at this point that a sex swing becomes a vital part of their sexual repertoire, being used for a variety of reasons but all of which are, at base, designed to enhance the experience of having great sexual encounters, whether with a partner or solo.

If you have heard of a sex swing before, it is most likely from watching the occasional BDSM porn clip. They are often combined with those who have a binding fetish, and the swinging partner is often tied up so that they cannot move very much, if at all. This sort of sex swing play is absolutely enjoyed by subs and doms alike, but it might well put off someone who is a bit more vanilla in their sexual tastes.

It does not have to be a ‘no’ for anyone who cannot stand the thought of being restrained and held at their partner’s mercy – not everyone can enjoy the complete abdication of control to another. Sex swings can be used as harnesses more than restraints, giving more control and ease of access to couples – all that they need to do is leave off the unnecessary bindings that are so necessary to BDSM aficionados.

Sex swings come in a variety of styles, from ceiling mounted 360° swings to door hanging swings and even body swings. Body swings are harnesses that the (usually male) stronger partner wears, the other partner fitting into it – this allows free movement of hands and tends to position bodies in just the right position for great sex.

Whichever harness or swing you decide to try out, read through the reviews first and make sure you get the one that will suit all your needs, from weight limits to movability to the space required for the swing to be properly used. Once you have the swing, set it up and make sure that it is sturdy enough to take the weight of any shenanigans!

You will find that once you have accustomed yourselves to the harness and swing, you will find that a whole new world of sexual satisfaction has been opened up to you: anal sex is more comfortable, oral is mind-blowing and vaginal sex seems impossibly deep. Why not invest in one and see what a difference it can make to your lives?